Welcome to Bowland Maths

Bowland Maths aims to make maths engaging and relevant to pupils aged 11-14, with a focus on developing thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills. In these materials, the maths emerges naturally as pupils tackle problems set in a rich mixture of real-life and fantasy situations.

Classroom projects – the Case Studies

Classroom projects

At the core of Bowland Maths are 26 extended mathematical investigations called Case Studies. Each case study includes teaching materials to support 3-5 maths lessons. Many, but not all, include ICT activities.

Assessment tasks

Assessment tasks

Bowland Maths includes a collection of over thirty 20-60 minute tasks with progression guides to support formative assessment of progress in mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Professional development

Professional development

The Bowland materials demand different approaches to teaching, such as collaborative learning through discussion and reflection, self- and peer-assessment and the use of less structured tasks. These 7 video-based professional development modules help teachers explore these techniques.

Bowland small project grants

Small project grants

The Bowland Trust will again be making a number of small grants later this year, this time up to £1000, still with the main aim of stimulating activities that extend the use and understanding of Bowland maths and its materials. The terms will be slightly different from the previous ones (for the grants of £500). They will be announced here in late October; the closing date for applications will be the end of November 2014.